10 signs your body is too Acidic

10 signs your body is too Acidic

Jan 18, 2022

Every fluid in our body has an acidic or basic nature, more or less.

The acidity or basicity is measured on a pH scale having numbers 1-14.

In it, 1-6 signs for acid, 7 stands for neutral, and 8-14 signs for basic nature.

Human system is designed to carry out its functionalities in narrow pH range of 6.5 to 7.35.

And any imbalance in this precise number is likely to disrupt the biological process.

If our body becomes too acidic or basic, there are various signs manifested, as a signal to get it right.

High acidity in the body can develop into a serious disorder called acidosis.

If it occurs, the body tries its best to subjugate the acid concentration, during which many organs can suffer, and might have to confront serious issues.

Thus, it is crucial to maintain optimal levels of pH of our body.

Following are the symptoms which your body gets if your body is too acidic.

1. Terrible skin and brittle nails

Low pH level, which signifies acidity, may trigger various dermatological problems.

Skin is one of the detoxifying organs of the human body, so high acidic concentration in the system, makes it prone to overload of bacteria, toxins and other pollutants.

This is because, pathogens and hazardous body waste resides well in acidic environments.

Due to intense flux of acid, liver, the largest gland of the body, is overwhelmed and is unable to clear out the trash elements.

Consequently, to compensate, the skin also pitches in to the back-breaking work to ooze off toxins.

And therefore, dermal problems like acne, pimple, chapped skin, etc. are likely to give you bad skin.

2. Dental and oral issues

The acidic levels in our system keep under regulated levels, by the presence of minerals such as calcium, which is present in our teeth.

Thus, due to flush of acidic chemicals in the body, it starts to grab alkali mineral from there to neutralize the pH.

A study conducted in 2015 affirms demineralization of tooth enamel as a consequence of acidic body.

This furthers sensitivity and cavity issues in teeth, making them prone to infections.

3. Digestion problems

High acidity in body can result in various difficulties in proper absorption and assimilation of food and nutrients.

You may have to suffer heartburn, acid reflux or even stomach ulcers, if not attended properly.

Excessive acid content disrupts the proportion of digestive enzymes and mucous.

The former helps in breaking down of food and the latter protects the stomach from effect of acid present in stomach.

4. Excess weight

Our slightly alkali pH is optimal to maintain the processes of detoxification, which keeps the toxins out.

On the other hand, high acid accumulation can limit this flush-out of wastes from the body from our organs like, kidney, liver, lymphatic system.

So, the acid finds cozy refuge in fat cells and gets stuck with them.

And therefore, you gain weight such that you cannot shed it easily.

If you have lately seen a drastic increase in your weight, then it could be a possible sign of high acidity in your body.

5. Fragile bones or osteoporosis

As stated before, due to high acid concentration in the body, the body freaks out to alkalize it anyhow.

Such as due to liver’s inefficiency skin may push itself more towards detoxification, your nails may lose their enamel, and so does your bones.

Our bones have calcium, an alkali mineral, as their chief component.

To neutralize the intense acid, this mineral can be pulled for the job, which can render them weak and fragile.

If the condition develops further, it can turn into serious osteoporosis.

Keep your pH in control and balanced, for the sake of your skeleton.

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6. Exhaustion and low energy

A person may feel weakness and unusual fatigue in the body.

This is because high acid levels can make the body too prone to infections, bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

Your body may easily drain off energy due to poor immunity, and lack of energy.

These bad organisms also suck the body’s ability to assimilate nutriments and essential vitamins and minerals.

This, consequently, triggers fatigue and even depressive emotions, seriously affecting the productivity of a person.

7. Build-up of mucous

Acid accumulation can harm the mucosal lining of nasal passage and other organs in the body.

As we know, mucous acts as a barrier that protects us from harmful bacteria, dirt and other foreign entities.

Any harm done to this defensive layer, especially in the nasal way, can cause sinus infections such as chronic or acute sinusitis.

High acid in the body escalates mucous production, which if introduced into the lungs may cause it to contract and expand frequently.

This instigates excessive wheezing, coughing, sinus issues, chest pain, angina (chest congestion) and breathing difficulties.

8. Muscle pain

Excessive acid in the body enables shrinkage of muscles and thus narrows the blood vessels embedded in them.

This further causes strain and depravity of oxygen in the body.

Retarded flow of blood means insufficient or obstructed supply of nutrients to the muscle cells.

Consequently, muscle get inefficient at their functioning.

And then you have to exert and force your muscles to do the stuff, which results in pain, and ultimately, you get exhausted easily.

Therefore, if you have got persisting muscle pain, then maybe you should get your body pH levels examined.

9. Sleeplessness or insomnia

After, so many issues like fatigue, muscle discomfort, skin problems, bad digestion, osteoporosis, low energy, etc. can obviously amount to sleep difficulties.

If the symptoms are left untreated, your sleep difficulties may grow to become insomnia.

10. It impacts the whole system

Unfit pH levels, inclining towards more acidic nature, inflict consequences on the whole body of the person.

The metabolism is totally debilitated, if the problem is ignored.

Eye health, low body temperature, frequent illnesses and infections, are some other symptoms you can get if your body is too acidic.

Bottom line

So far, we discussed how crucial it is maintaining proper pH levels of the body.

We focused primarily on the consequences and signs of having too much acid in your body.

You can get symptoms like exhaustion, digestion problems, mucous build-up, and so forth discussed in detail in the article.

If not treated, these high acid concentrations can pose severe organ complications and acidosis