Why you should buy generic medicine over branded medicine?

Why you should buy generic medicine over branded medicine?

Jan 18, 2022

Medicines are one of the most essential need for humans to live healthy and protect themselves from various diseases.

Each and every day medicinal science is improving and finding new discoveries to improve health and lifestyle of peoples around the world.

Since medicine is the most basic and essential requirement for peoples around the world, which is also the major factor for growth of pharmaceutical sector throughout the world.

Growth in the pharmaceutical sector results in overall jobs creations and it also leads to new scientific discoveries.

Every individual needs medicine at some point in time whether he/she take it for an acute or chronic disorder, there are usually two types of medicines available in market branded medicine or generic medicine.

You may have a lot of question regarding generic medicine like is it safe to consume generic medicine or do generic medicine really works?

Well, today we will be covering your doubts related to generic medicines and you will find answers for all your queries related to generic medicines.   

Branded medicine

Branded medicine is medicine or product which is developed and manufactured by its original patent pharmaceutical company.

When a company discovers or develops a new vaccine, their new product goes through various trials and rigorous testing procedure to make sure the newly developed vaccine is effective for certain purpose and has not adverse effects on humans.

Since pharmaceutical company invest a large amount of money and resources to discover, manufacture and distribute that newly discovered medicine so that product has a patent.

Patent simply means the pharmaceutical company which has discover the medicine, only that company will have rights to produce and sell that newly discovered medicine for a certain period of time.

Since the company has used a lot of resources for research, manufacturing and distribution of their product so generally medicine become expensive.

Most of time branded medicine is pretty effective to cure any disease at the same time they are very costly, it is commonly seen most of the peoples especially in developing countries cannot even afford those branded medicines.    

Generic medicine

Generic medicines are generally a copy of original branded medicine and usually these generic medicines have the same effectiveness as the original formula.

Once patent of particular medicine run out from a pharmaceutical company that company do not have exclusive rights to produce medicine, after that other pharmaceutical companies are allowed to produce copied version of original medicine.

The active ingredients in generic medicines are the same as original medicine, inactive ingredients are slightly different some times.

Since generic medicine is a copied version of branded medicine so their manufacturer does not need to spend resources on human trials and rigorous testing because of that reason generic medicines are cheaper in price.

Usually, generic medicines are sold under different names and branding as compare to the original name and brand.

Are generic medicines are effective branded medicine?  

It is the most commonly asked question that are generic medicines are effective or some peoples have misconceptions that generic drugs takes longer time to show effects.

Generic medicines are equally effective as branded medicine because generic medicines need approval from drug authorities and drug authorities make sure to approve sale of generic medicine only once medicine clears all testing parameters.

The active ingredients used in generic drugs are same as their branded version counterpart effectiveness and risks of generic medicines are pretty much same as branded ones.

There is another common misconception that generic medicines are manufactured in poor hygiene conditions, well it is not true because generic medicines are also manufactured by established pharmaceutical companies under the monitoring of drug authorities so generic medicines have the same quality as branded medicines.

Should you use generic medicines over branded medicines?

Yes, in most cases you can buy generic medicines over branded medicines as both of these have similar effectiveness.

Generic medicines have same active ingredients as branded ones so they are pretty much similar in effectiveness.

Generic medicines are pretty easy on pocket so everyone can easily afford these medicines.

Individuals with chronic disorders should specially buy generic medicines because in chronic cases it is commonly seen a patient have to take medicines for a long period of time such as for years or even for lifetime.

In these cases it is always suggested to use generic medicines as they are cheap in price and easy to afford for longer uses.

In many cases, it is seen that patients stop buying medicines because branded medicines are expensive for patients to afford or even some patients do not have money to buy medicines, which can risk of worsening disease further in such cases generic medicines come handy which patients can easily afford and use for a longer period.

Why generic medicines are cheap in price?

Generic medicines are cheap in price because they are copied version on branded medicines.

Pharmaceutical companies who produce generic medicines are not required to start their research from scratch, they do not have to spend resources on long human trials and rigorous testing.

There is a general misconception that generic medicines are cheaper because they are manufacture in poor and unhygienic conditions, generic medicines are pretty much equivalent to branded medicines in quality.

Generic medicines appear differently and most of the time they are packed differently, these medicines are usually produced in bulk quantities and companies don’t spend money for their costly advertisement so all these combined factors make generic medicines less expensive and very affordable.

You can always go for generic medicines because these medicines can be effective as branded medicines in far less burden on pocket.