Online Generic Medicine Store in Bangalore

Online Generic Medicine Store in Bangalore

Feb 08, 2023

India is the biggest exporter of medicines, which results in presence of online generic medicine store in Bangalore in great numbers. But what is the use of a pharmacy if it is not genuine? Medicines are delicate and utterly important, so high quality is a must without any questions.

Through this article, you will learn many things concerning generic medicine and the best online generic medicine shop in Bangalore.

What is a generic medicine?

A generic medicine is a replica of a patent/ brand medicine. It is no different than a brand medicine regarding active chemicals, effects, dosage, formation, and strength. It can be consumed in place of brand medicine. It does not have side effects of its own but contains the same as a brand medicine.

A generic medicine carries a tag of copy but its impact on the body cannot be declined. It is as good as a brand of medicine; that too at less price. At Liboc Davamart, an online generic medicine shop in Bangalore, you will find a wide range of medicines.

What benefits does it have?

No medicine can be described as useless or unnecessary. It does have the benefit of some or the other kind, such as:

  • Effective – One of the main reasons to buy a generic medicine is its effectiveness. It fights the illness in the same way as brand medicine.
  • Less expensive – Another important reason to buy generic medicine is its low cost. Sometimes, the price of brand medicine is too high. And if prescribed on regular basis, it disturbs the monthly budget.
  • Abundant in supply – Pharmacies are stuffed with several generic medicines for the same illness. You will not face a shortage of medicine and can treat yourself with the same salts.

Is there any difference between generic and brand medicine?

Generic medicine can have some differences from brand medicine without lowering its effectiveness. These differences should not stop you from buying them from an online generic medicine store in Bangalore.

  • Inactive salts – The role of inactive salts is to determine the flavour and preservation of medicine.
  • Labelling – Information to mention on the label is optional. However, the product name, expiry date, net weight, ingredients, and name and address of the manufacturer are compulsory.
  • Packaging – The packaging of medicine is for the manufacturer to decide. It can be in bottles, aluminium foils, blister packs, etc.
  • Shape and colour – The shape and colour of the medicine do not decide anything apart from its look.

Who is the Top 10 online generic medicine shop in Bangalore?

As the market is filled with several offline and online stores, we have listed down the top 10 online generic medicine store in Bangalore.

  1. Liboc Davamart
  2. Netmeds
  3. Truemeds
  4. Genericure
  5. 1MG
  6. Davaindia Generic Pharmacy
  7. Medbuzz
  8. Zeelab
  9. Jan Aushadhi
  10. Genericwala

Who is Liboc Davamart?

Liboc Davamart is an online generic medicine shop in Bangalore to cater to your need related to personal, health, and medical care. The best thing about the store is its affordable price and guaranteed genuine products. You will find brand medicine from famous pharmaceutical companies such as Alkem Laboratories, Cipla Ltd, Dr. Morepen, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd, and Abbott India at reasonable prices.

The order packed it according to the prescription of a doctor. It is processed only after getting approval from the team of pharmacists. To prove authenticity, a GST bill is also provided. Order above Rs 500 is eligible for zero shipping charges.

The wide range of products can be ordered via Liboc Davamart online medicine app or the website, which are:

  • Genuine brand generic medicine online
  • Mother and baby care products
  • Health care products
  • Beauty and care products
  • Elderly care products
  • Lifestyle products
  • Ayurvedic and herbal products
  • Over-the-counter products
  • Sexual wellness products
  • Multivitamins and energizers

Being identified as a copy surely does create doubts. However, a generic medicine should not be categorized in it. They are completely safe and effective to consume. Now, without searching for an online genuine medicine shop in Bangalore, look at Liboc Davamart.