Online Generic Medicine in Raipur

Online Generic Medicine in Raipur

Feb 08, 2023

If you are looking for an online generic medicine in Raipur, then stop searching further and read this article. The best generic medicine store should have products of high quality, 100% genuine, and affordable prices. They must stand by their claim of authentic medicines.

All your questions related to generic medicine – meaning, benefits, differences from a brand medicine – and the best online generic medicine in Raipur will be answered by continuing this article.

What is a generic medicine?

A generic medicine is a xerox of a brand medicine. It is simply a mirror image of a brand medicine in terms of effects, dosage, formation, strength, and active salts. They both are effective and can be consumed interchangeably.

Being at an advantage, generic medicine is sold cheaper in the market. Check out Liboc Davamart to buy generic medicine in Raipur.  

Why buy generic medicine?

Don’t think a generic medicine is just a replica of a brand medicine. It comes with many benefits and advantages.

  1. Saves money – Buying generic medicines will save you money because they are cheaper than brand medicines.
  2. Effective – Because it has the same active salts as a brand medicine, it will show the same effects.
  3. Alternative – You can always opt for a generic medicine in place of a brand medicine.
  4. No shortage – Many generic and brand medicines of the same chemical are available in the market.

What is the difference between generic and brand medicine?

Slight differences can be found between generic and brand medicine but they are of no harm. These differences are allowed and do not hinder the effectiveness of generic medicine.

  1. Colour and shape – The colour and shape of the medicine can be different. The outer of the medicine does not affect its working ability.
  2. Inactive salts – The inactive chemicals determine the taste and preservation of the generic medicine.
  3. Packaging – Packaging does not concern medicine. The manufacturer can decide among aluminium foil, blister packs, bottles, etc for the packaging.
  4. Labelling – Except for the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, ingredients, expiry date, and net weight of the medicine, other information is optional.

Who is Liboc Davamart?

Liboc Davamart offers the best generic medicine in Raipur where you will find generic medicine and products related to medical, health, and personal care. The products are available at an affordable price; even the brand generic medicine of famous companies such as Abbott India, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd, Cipla Ltd, Dr. Morepen, and Alkem Laboratories.

Before delivery, medicines require approval from qualified pharmacists. You can get free home delivery if shopped above Rs 500 and also receive a GST bill. You can buy the following products through the website or download Liboc Davamart online medicine app.

  • 100% genuine branded generic medicine
  • Health care products
  • Lifestyle products
  • Mother and baby care products
  • Beauty and care products
  • Elderly care products
  • Sexual wellness products
  • Ayurvedic and herbal products
  • Multivitamins and energizers
  • Over-the-counter products

A generic medicine is not a new thing. You have been consuming it for years without categorizing it. A stamp of the famous company’s name does not make a medicine reliable. Try consuming a generic medicine on regular basis and notice the reduction in your medical bills. Shop today at an online generic medicine store in Raipur.


Is generic medicine safe to consume?

Yes, it is safe to come. It carries the same positives and negatives as a brand of medicine.

Why is generic medicine cheap?

It is developed using an already proven method. So, the research and the related cost is saved and it is sold cheaply.

How to identify the correct generic medicine?

Match the ingredients mentioned on the package of generic and brand medicine. If they match, then it is the correct one.

Does generic medicine have side effects?

It has the same effects as a brand medicine. But the inactive salts can have side effects according to the person’s allergy or reaction.