Generic Medicine Store in Varanasi

Generic Medicine Store in Varanasi

Feb 06, 2023

You can quickly find an online generic medicine store in Varanasi as their presence is legal in the market. There might be some doubts surrounding it but after a little research, you can get them cleared out.

In this article, you will learn the meaning, benefits, and differences of generic medicine, along with the best online generic medicine shop in Varanasi.

Generic medicine

A generic medicine is a duplicate of a brand medicine. It copies every aspect of brand medicine such as strength, active salts, formation, effects, and dosage. It needs to qualify every benchmark to make its way toward the market.

In simple words, both medicines are equally effective but generic medicine is less expensive than brand medicine. It is cheaper because of zero cost spent on research, experiments, and clinical tests. That saved cost results in the low selling price of medicine.

Liboc Davamart is one of the finest online generic medicine shop in Varanasi to buy medicines and related products.

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The presence of generic medicine is essential in the market for many reasons.

  • Effective – Generic medicine needs to be equally effective as brand medicine because they contain the same active ingredients. You don’t need to run after a famous branded medicine if unavailable.
  • Inexpensive – This point benefits every person. You are not required to spend heftily on your medical bills. You can treat your illness with the same effects and save money too.
  • Abundant in supply – Pharmacies are filled with dozens of alternatives. They are abundant in supply and can be found at any online generic medicine shop in Varanasi.

Differences from brand medicine

A generic medicine may be a copy of brand medicine but there are certain differences between both. These differences are harmless but still worth knowing.

  • Colour – The colour of the medicine can never hinder its ability to fight disease.
  • Shape – Like colour, shape also will never lessen the impact of the medicine.
  • Packaging – It does not matter if the generic medicine comes in bottles, blister packs, or aluminium foils.
  • Inactive salts – The inactive salts that determine the flavour and preservation of the medicine can differ.
  • Labelling – Labels can be changed but the name and address of the manufacturer, expiry date, chemicals, product name, and net weight must be mentioned.

Top 10 online generic medicine shop in Varanasi

Here is the list of the top 10 online generic medicine store in Varanasi.

  1. Liboc Davamart
  2. Netmeds
  3. 1MG
  4. Zeelab
  5. Jan Aushadhi
  6. Truemeds
  7. Genericure
  8. Genericwala
  9. Davaindia Generic Pharmacy
  10. Medbuzz

Liboc Davamart | Online Generic Medicine Store in Varanasi

Liboc Davamart is an online generic medicine shop in Varanasi to fulfil your needs related to health, personal, and medical products. You will find generic medicines and products with high quality and affordable prices. The brand generic medicine from top companies – Cipla Ltd, Abbott India, Dr. Morepen, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd, and Alkem Laboratories are available at Liboc Davamart.

The packaging is done with utter care and after the verification of qualified pharmacists. The medicines delivered are as per the doctor’s prescription and with a GST bill. Orders above Rs 500 are eligible for free home delivery.

The wide range of products at Liboc Davamart are:

  • Genuine brand generic medicine
  • Mother and baby care products
  • Lifestyle products
  • Health care products
  • Beauty and care products
  • Elderly care products
  • Ayurvedic and herbal products
  • Sexual wellness products
  • Multivitamins and energizers
  • Over-the-counter products

Placing your order is very easy. Liboc Davamart online generic medicine app is also available for convenient shopping.

  1. Open Liboc Davamart on a browser or app.
  2. Search for the medicines and products you require.
  3. Confirm your order.
  4. Track your order through SMS and wait for delivery.

After reading until here, a generic medicine must have created a credible space in your mind. Consuming a generic medicine will not cause you any problems and give dual benefits of effectiveness and savings. Grab your smartphones and order products from an online generic medicine store in Varanasi now.