Generic Medicine Store in Lucknow

Generic Medicine Store in Lucknow

Feb 04, 2023

If you are looking for an online generic medicine store in Lucknow, several shops are available and can be found easily. However, finding the one with the finest quality, genuine, and reasonable price may be difficult. Medicines are crucial and not every pharmacy can be trusted.

Liboc Davamart is an online generic medicine shop in Lucknow that you can trust for buying authentic medicines and products. To know why Liboc Davamart is the best online pharmacy, continue to read the article.

What is generic medicine?

Generic medicines are a replica of brand medicines. They are replicas because they are developed using the same process as brand medicine and result in giving equal effects. Both medicines need to match the benchmark of dosage, strength, inactive salts, and formation.

A generic medicine will give the same positives and negatives as brand medicine. It will carry the exact effects and will be cheaper.

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Why the development of generic medicine is important?

The development of generic medicine is important for various reasons. From cost to effect, they are necessary and useful for everyone.

  1. Saves money – Generic medicines save you a lot of money. You can buy medicines, cure your illness and have a better budget.
  2. Effective – There is no doubt that generic medicines are as effective as brand medicine. It will provide you with the original benefits and help you in improving your health.
  3. Plenty of supply – You will not face a shortage of medicine because the market is filled with generic medicines from different companies.

To purchase genuine medicines from an online generic medicine shop in Lucknow, check out Liboc Davamart.

Why is generic medicine not as costly as brand medicine?

Generic medicines are inexpensive compared to patent medicine but why? If both medicines work the same then why one is expensive? The logic behind it is quite understandable.

The method involved in the development of generic medicine is the same as brand medicine which means no new method or steps are made. It does not require a research and development team, examinations, and experiments. Hence, all the expenses to be done on these are saved. So, they are sold at less expensive.

To buy generic medicines at the best price from an online generic medicine shop in Lucknow, search for Liboc Davamart.

Do famous pharmaceutical companies make generic medicines?

You make think generic medicines are only made by micro-size companies but it is not true. Many famous pharmaceutical companies develop generic medicines, even the companies that made the brand medicine. Look at the top 10 companies in the market of generic medicines.

  1. Cipla Ltd.
  2. Sun Pharma
  3. Divi’s Laboratory
  4. Abbott India
  5. Alkem Laboratories
  6. Aurobindo Pharma
  7. Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  8. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.
  9. Welcure Remedies
  10. Integrated Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

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Who is Liboc Davamart?

Liboc Davamart is an online generic medicine shop in Lucknow to buy products related to personal, health, and medical care. The medicines and products are 100 % genuine and affordable. Branded generic medicine from Dr. Morepen, Cipla Ltd, Abbott India, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd, and Alkem Laboratories are also available at the store.

The team of pharmacists at Liboc Davamart follows strict guidelines for packaging. No order is delivered before confirming the doctor’s prescription. All the products are authentic and are delivered with a GST bill.

You can place your order above Rs 500 and get free home delivery. Download the Liboc Davamart online generic medicine app to avail deals and features such as –

  • 100% genuine and quality products and medicines.
  • Discount up to 70% on buying generic medicines.
  • Approval of products and medicines by certified pharmacists.
  • Promo code for best deals and offers.

The main objective of making a generic medicine is to give the benefits of a brand medicine but at a less price. They are trusted and widely consumed around the globe. To shop at the best online generic medicine store in Lucknow, you must search for Liboc Davamart.