Generic Medicine Store in Hyderabad

Generic Medicine Store in Hyderabad

Feb 06, 2023

Looking for an online generic medicine store in Hyderabad? Liboc Davamart might be the one you are searching for. At the store, you can find medicines and products related to health, personal and medical care. The USP of Liboc Davamart is 100 % genuine products and reasonable prices.

Through this article, get to know about generic medicine, Liboc Davamart, and the best online generic medicine shop in Hyderabad.

Meaning of generic medicine

A generic medicine is a xerox of patent medicine. It competes with patent medicine in all terms such as dosage, active chemicals, effects, strength, and formation. They can be consumed interchangeably with any worries.

A generic medicine even has an advantage over brand medicine, which is its low price. Cost is the only factor where it comes under brand medicine. Otherwise, it always stands at the same effects and benefits.

Search for Liboc Davamart, an online generic medicine store in Hyderabad, to buy generic medicine and related products.

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Comparison between a generic and brand medicine

The below table will provide you with a better picture of generic medicine.


Generic medicine

Active salts

A generic medicine is required to carry the same active salts as a brand medicine.


Because of having the same salts, a generic medicine is as effective and useful as a brand medicine.


The cost of generic medicine is low compared to brand medicine.


Both medicines have equal dosages and are prescribed to take likewise.

Inactive salts

Inactive salts can differ between both medicines as they conclude the taste and expiry of the medicines.


Packaging can be different. A brand medicine can come in a blister pack and a generic version can come in aluminium foil.

Colour and Shape

The colour and shape of the medicine do not decide its ability to work. The effectiveness of the medicine does not concern colour or shape.


The product name, address and name of the manufacturer, net weight, expiry date, and ingredients are necessary to be mentioned. Other information can differ.


Both medicines are readily available at an offline or an online pharmacy. To purchase from an online generic medicine store in Hyderabad, try looking at Liboc Davamart.

Why is generic medicine cheap?

The initial development of a medicine incurs hefty costs including research and development teams, clinical tests, and experiments. For the recovery of this expense, the medicine is patented for around 20 years, during which no other company can make it. After the patent period gets over, other pharmaceutical companies are allotted to make it.

This time except for the making, no cost is included. All these savings result in cutting down the selling price of the medicine. Hence a generic medicine is a bit cheaper. To get the medicines at the best price, Liboc Davamart is an online generic medicine shop in Hyderabad.

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Best online generic medicine shop in Hyderabad

Liboc Davamart is the best online generic medicine store in Hyderabad. Here, you will find a wide range of personal, health, and medical care products. The products offered are authentic and high quality at an affordable price. Even the branded generic medicine from famous companies like Dr. Morepen, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd, Cipla Ltd, Abbott India, and Alkem Laboratories.

For safety purposes, the order is delivered only after the approval of a qualified pharmacist. The order is packed carefully and along with a GST bill for authentication. You will receive free home delivery on orders above Rs 500. The following products are available at the online store.

  • High-quality and genuine branded generic medicine
  • Mother and baby care products
  • Beauty and care products
  • Health care products
  • Lifestyle products
  • Elderly care products
  • Ayurvedic and herbal products
  • Sexual wellness products
  • Multivitamins and energizers
  • Over-the-counter products

Don’t be biased towards a medicine because it is attached to a famous company. Take the medicine that will show you good results and help you in reducing your medical bills. A generic medicine must be given a chance. Shop it today from an online generic medicine shop in Hyderabad.

If you are looking for the best Online Generic Medicine in India, then you trust Liboc Davamart.