Generic Medicine Store in Dehradun

Generic Medicine Store in Dehradun

Jan 09, 2023

Choosing an online generic medicine store in Dehradun that provides genuine and high-quality medicine can be confusing. All claim to be the best but whom to believe is a question. However, rest your confusion here because Liboc Davamart is ready at your service. Get authentic medicines, the best price, and deals altogether in one place. You can also find generic medicine from famous pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Let’s read further in the article to know more about generic medicine and the best online generic medicine store in Dehradun.

What is a generic medicine?

A generic medicine is an imitation of branded medicine. Both medicines are developed using the same formula. It contains the same active ingredients, effects, formation and dosage which means they both are equally effective against an illness. The only deciding factor between the two is cost because Generic medicines are comparatively cheap. Without a doubt, you can trust generic medicine and start consuming it.

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Importance of generic medicine

At a glance, developing a copy of branded medicine may seem useless. But its development is important and switching to consuming generic medicine comes with many benefits.

  • Low cost – Generic medicine costs very less as compared to branded medicine. The low medicine cost will help you in saving a lot of money at the end of the month.
  • Effective – Generic medicine has the same effects and side effects as the branded one. Both medicines have the same effects against an illness.
  • Alternatives – Several alternative medicines for an illness are available in the market. If one is out of stock then another medicine with the same active ingredients is ready to be purchased.
  • Easily accessible – You can easily buy generic medicines from an online or offline pharmacy. One of the finest online generic medicine shop in Dehradun is Liboc Davamart.

Why generic medicine is sold at a cheaper price?

When medicine is invented for the first time a large amount of money is invested in research and development, clinical tests, and examination. To recover the expense incurred, the company gets the formula patented and no other company is allowed to use it. After the patent period gets over, its exclusivity vanishes too. So, now other allotted companies can also develop the medicine using the patented formula.

There is no repetition of the development process of medicine and no additional cost is spent. Hence, generic medicines are sold at a cheaper price and have the same effects. Check Liboc Davamart, an online generic medicine store in Dehradun to get the medicines at the best price.

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What are the differences between generic and branded medicine?

The important factors like salts, dosage, formation, and effects are found the same in generic medicine as in patent one. However, there are slight differences that are noticeable in both medicines. These differences cause no harm or degrade the quality of generic medicine.

  • Shape – Both medicines may differ in shape. They can be round, rectangular, or oval.
  • Colour – It can be of any colour but it won’t change its effects.
  • Packaging – The medicines can come in different packages like bottles, aluminum foils, blister packs, etc.
  • Labelling – Generic medicine can have different labeling but a few pieces of information including product name, ingredients, net weight, expiry date, and name and address of the manufacturer are a must.

Generic medicine can have different inactive ingredients to give different flavorings and preservations. They do not hinder or lessen the effectiveness of the medicines.

Top 10 online generic medicine stores in Dehradun

After knowing the importance of generic medicine, you must be wanting to buy it. But how to a store is reliable when there are several shops? So, we have listed down the top 10 online generic medicine shop in Dehradun.

  1. Liboc Davamart
  2. Netmeds
  3. Jan Aushadhi
  4. 1MG
  5. Zeelab
  6. Truemeds
  7. Medbuzz
  8. Genericure
  9. Genericwala
  10. Davaindia Generic Pharmacy

Liboc Davamart – The best online generic medicine store in Dehradun

At Liboc Davamart, you can buy high-quality, authentic, and affordable generic medicines. You can also get personal, medical, and healthcare products. Generic medicine of famous pharmaceutical companies such as Alkem Laboratories, Cipla Ltd, Dr. Morepen, Abbott India, and Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd. You can place an order at this online generic medicine shop in Dehradun and get free home delivery on billing above Rs 500. All the medicines are delivered after the approval of our qualified medical team. They are prescribed by the doctor and also carry a GST receipt. The products available at Liboc Davamart are the following.

  • High-quality and genuine branded generic medicine
  • Beauty and care products
  • Mother and baby care products
  • Health care products
  • Elderly care products
  • Lifestyle products
  • Multivitamins and energizers
  • Sexual wellness products
  • Ayurvedic and herbal products
  • Over-the-counter products

To make your buying experience more convenient, you can download Liboc Davamart online medicine app.

Why choose Liboc Davamart as the best generic medicine store in Dehradun?

Liboc Davamart offers some features that make it better than another online generic medicine store in Dehradun.

  • 100% quality and authentic medicines and products
  • Discount of up to 70% on buying generic medicine
  • Quality check by a team of qualified pharmacists before the delivery of medicines.
  • Promo codes to crack the best deals

Taking the first step is always hesitant but once you start purchasing generic medicine there is no turning back. They are safe and effective as branded medicine. You will not regret buying them. So, start your generic medicine journey with Liboc Davamart, an online generic medicine shop in Dehradun.


Is generic medicine safe to consume?

Yes, generic medicine is safe to consume because it is made with the same method as the branded one.

Do famous pharmaceutical companies manufacture generic medicine?

Many top pharmaceutical companies develop generic medicines. Even the company that invented the formula can remake them.

Are generic medicines widely consumed?

They are widely sold and consumed throughout the globe. You would not have known but the market is filled with generic medicines.

How to identify the correct generic medicine?

Match the composition given on the package of generic medicine with the branded medicine. Both medicines will have the same active ingredients.