Generic Medicine In India

Generic Medicine In India

Mar 09, 2023

The popularity of offline and online generic medicines is steadily increasing. However, the coverage of generic medicine is still small here considering India is the largest exporter of generic medicines. Many doubts and uncertainties are surrounding them as the concept of generic medicine online are relatively new. But the thing to notice is people are carrying those rumours without trying to understand them. Generic medicines are labelled as ineffective, and cheap quality medicines compared to brand medicines. People hesitate to spend their earnings on them.

Although, unknowingly everyone has been buying, and consuming generic medicines for years. The chances of never having consumed a generic medicine are very slim. Companies have been manufacturing them for many years under the approval of law, and government. These medicines have been circulated in the Indian market for a long time but are getting recognised for a few years. Now, people know that a generic version of brand medicine exists and search to buy generic medicine online in India.

India dominates the medicine supply around the globe. It is the largest exporter of medicines, and is known as the ‘pharmacy of the world’. The nation exports generic medicines to over 200 countries including Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States of America. The 40% demand for generic medicine in the USA market, 25% demand in the UK, and nearly, 70% demand in the global market are fulfilled by the top Indian medicine manufacturers.

Through this article, you will get an overall view of generic medicine online. From history to where to buy generic medicines online, all the necessary information related to them is covered below. Just by reading this article, you will learn the pros, cons, myths, and why buy generic medicine online. You will see the medicines in a new light and will be encouraged to buy generic medicine online in India. Let’s start reading to know more about online generic medicines.

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Concept of generic medicine

A generic medicine is the same as a brand medicine. It has the same active chemical substances, strength, dosage, safety, quality, formation, and effectiveness. They are equivalent and have the same effects on the body as brand medicines. You can buy generic medicine online at a reasonable cost, and get rid of the disease.  

Brand medicine is said to be a drug that is patented, and developed by the original manufacturer. After the patent expires, it becomes publicly available to use. And hence, when it is remade without a patent, it is called generic medicine. Both medicines are interchangeable to consume.

Generic medicines are not made to degrade brand medicines or rectify their effectiveness. It is developed so that everyone could buy generic medicine online at an affordable price, and treat their illness. The prices of brand medicines are quite high and buying them on regular basis can sooner or later disrupt your monthly expenditure. Even if they are prescribed only once for treatment, some people can not afford them and would suffer or eventually die. In situations like these, generic medicines are a blessing. There is no problem in consuming generic medicine online when you get the same effects and benefits at a cheaper price.

The approach towards online generic medicines must be changed and their consumption should be promoted. Because of them, people can get better healthcare treatment at a low cost. For the same, the government of India has launched a scheme in 2008 – Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana. Under this program, the government has opened many distribution centres to provide quality generic medicines at an affordable price. Generic medicines are not useful for just a single economic sector. The scheme and medicines are manufactured for all. To buy generic medicine online in India you don’t need to search much. Several generic medicine online pharmacies are available; one such is Liboc Davamart.

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History of generic medicines

Today, if a manufacturer wants to introduce a generic version of a brand drug, then there are certain safety and effectiveness check. Without passing the standard, approval to sell that medicine is not granted. However, a few decades back this journey was not strict like as now. Before the 1960s, the drugs were launched in the market with fewer clinical tests, and examinations compared to today. The negligence and inappropriate regulation led to threatening damages. This rang as an alarm in many countries.

It all changed in 1962 when the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences was instructed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of medicines. All the drugs introduced between 1938 – 1962 were to be checked and categorised under three segments – effective as claimed, probably effective as claimed, and ineffective as per claimed. Because of rechecking drugs, manufacturers were easily able to get approval without additional expense, and lengthy trials.

 According to new regulations, all the drugs – generic or branded – need to go through investigation before they were permitted in the market. Even medicines with the same active ingredients were not spared. This slowed down the release of new generic drugs. Manufacturers had to wait till the patent expired of the brand drug. Only 35% of brand drugs with expired patents had a generic version.

The real journey of the generic medicines industry commenced in 1984 when a new law was introduced. Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act, commonly known as the Hatch-Waxman Act, made the entry of medicines convenient in the market. After this act, companies need to prove that a generic medicine has the same active ingredients, and has the same effects on the body as brand medicine. No repetition of trials was required. It also helped the original manufacturers as the patent term was increased. This act was very helpful in promoting generic drugs among the citizens.

After coming this far, it is safe to say that generic counterparts had been circulated in the world for decades. The governments have supported and tried their best to encourage people towards buying them. And because of technology, you get to buy generic medicines online in India.

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The reason behind the low cost of generic medicine

Patients think that generic medicine is not original, and is simply a copy, so is sold at a low price. But there are many sensible reasons why the overall cost of medicine is reduced. One factor alone can not cut down the price by 60%. The reasons why they are available at an offline or online generic medicines store at a cheaper price are –

  • No production cost – A medicine needs years of research and testing to reach the desired result. To develop it research, and development teams, experiments, labour, and many more expenses are included. But for making a generic medicine all of these expenses are not incurred. They don’t need to follow the same lengthy process as brand medicine.

  • No medicine patent – This is another reason behind the drop in the price. To eliminate competition, and recover expenses, original medicines are patented before the trial. The patent process also requires spending money. For generic medicines, no exclusivity is required as they are formulated with brand drug methods.
  • To increase demand – The demand for a brand-name drug is high because people trust the company name over the formula. People still haven’t trusted generic medicines enough to switch from brand-name drugs. They even question the doctors as to why prescribe them. To attract people, and increase the demand for generic medicine online or offline, the medicines are provided at a discounted rate.
  • No marketing or advertisement – The manufacturers of the brand drug need to invest in marketing, and advertisement to promote the medicine. Or else how will they recover the cost? Companies of generic medications do not advertise them. The generic versions make their way to the market and are promoted by word of mouth. The doctor would prescribe them or the pharmacist would recommend them.

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Pros of generic medicine

The brand medicines have made their presence very strong in the market. If people can’t find the medicine of their preferred brand at one pharmacy, they go on a treasure hunt for it. They don’t realise that it’s the formula that fights against an illness, and not the pharmaceutical brand. Because of this, generic medications are often degraded and considered useless. However, this is not true.

There are many advantages to developing them and buying generic medicine online. From the cut down in medical bills to an abundant supply of generic medicine online, they are full of advantages. Look at some pros and buy generic medicine online in India.

  • Cheaper in price – The foremost pro of generic medicines is their cost. They are 40 to 60% less in price compared to a brand medicine. Online generic medicines are affordable and everyone can easily buy generic medicine online in India. On regular consumption, you will notice the saving on your medical bills. For their development, a lot of money is not spent, and that helps in reducing the selling price of generic medicine online and offline.
  • Availability – You don’t need to worry about where to buy generic medicines online in India. They are present in large amounts at pharmacies and are easy to get. In situations where you can not find a prescribed brand of medication, you can opt for their generic versions. You will find at least five generic counterparts of a brand medicine that can treat you better.
  • Effective – The active elements used for making non-generic drugs are the same as brand medicines. Unless it has the same clinical benefits, it is not allowed by the authority to be sold out. The manufacturers are required to follow strict guidelines to develop a generic drug. The medicines may be a copy of brand drugs but they have to go through the safety and quality check.
  • Substitute – With the presence of generic medicines, several alternatives are available for a brand drug. Both medicines are bioequivalent, and effective. Generic medicine has proven clinical effects, and hence, there are plenty of substitutes available at offline, and online generic medicines stores.
  • Easy to manufacture – The intense research and thorough clinical test are done by the brand pharmaceutical company. Until the approval, patent, and license, a large amount is spent. But when the generic drug is made a lot of costs are saved because the formula is developed and proven. So, its development is quite easy and saves additional expenses.

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Cons of generic medicine

Now, you know the advantages of manufacturing and buying generic medicines in India. But as you already know, everything has two sides. Despite the advantages it comes with, there are certain disadvantages also as per reports. People are uncertain to buy generic medicine online in India. These cons are not threatening but worth knowing. People need to broaden their mindset to eliminate these cons. The reasons that are considered a downside of generic medicines are below.

  • Doubting the less price – Judging the credibility and quality of something is always connected with the price tag it carries. If something is cheap, specifically a medicine, then it automatically means ineffective, and low quality. How can it be effective and cheap? Are these useful? Will it give any harmful effects? Are these expired to be sold at less price? and so on questions arise. And stop people to buy generic medicine online in India.
  • Misconceptions and Myths – Generic medicines are surrounded by dozens of misconceptions. People tend to believe these rumours and give space to uncertainties. No one takes a step to understand the importance of generic medicines. Inferior quality, ineffective, and poor safety are the most famous misconceptions around them.
  • The difference in look – Generic medicines is not allowed to look alike brand medicines because of trademark laws. They need to have a different appearance. Manufacturers change the colour, shape, and even packaging of generic medicine. Because of these differences in looks, patients doubt and hesitate to buy generic medicines online or offline.
  • Inflexible customers – Patients without any doubt trust a brand-name drug. They will not see if the price of medicines is high, which is good as health must be over everything. But why waste extra money when you can get better at less price? They are not ready to buy generic medicine online or offline and argue against it. This inflexibility in their thoughts is the biggest disadvantage and hindrance in accepting a generic medicine.

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Know the differences between a generic medicine and brand medicine

As explained above, a generic drug is a copy of a brand-name drug and is bioequivalent. But there are some differences between both medicines, which are allowed by the regulatory authority. Apart from the name, there should be some visible differences that will help patients in differentiating.

As long as these changes are within the guidelines, and do not hinder the quality, and effectiveness of the medicine, they are good to go. Below are the points stating how both medicines differ.

  • Cost – The most evident difference between the two counterparts is the cost. A generic medicine is sold at less price because it does not incur the same expenses as a brand-name drug. They are usually 40 to 60% less, or even 80% cheap in price. Whether it is offline or online generic medicines stores, they will be offered at a reduced price.
  • Inactive ingredients – Active salts determine the effectiveness, whereas inactive salts decide the flavour and expiry date of the medicines. Different drugs can carry different inactive salts. These salts are approved by the concerned government body. You can check the ingredients on the package to see if there is any chemical not good for you.
  • Shape and Colour – The look of the medicine does not have any work apart from securing the salts present in it. No matter in what colour, or shape a generic medicine online or offline comes in, it will have the required effects and benefits. The trademark laws prohibit medicine manufacturers from making the same appearance.
  • Labelling and Packaging – These are other differences that are allowed amidst the border of the rules. Information on the label can be different except for some must-mentioned including ingredients, product name, name, and address of the manufacturer, expiry date, and net weight. Additionally, packaging can also differ. Offline or online generic medicines offered can come in blister packs, bottles, aluminium foil, etc.

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Why doctors do not prescribe generic medicines?

Most doctors support the generic medicine industry. They prescribe them to patients as much as possible. However, some doctors still trust brand-name drugs over generic versions. Even after learning about the generic version, they carry doubts and don’t prescribe them. A few of the reasons are –

  • Doctors get a commission for selling brand-name drugs but not generic medicines.
  • They prescribe medications that are easily available around their clinic.
  • Doctors think generic medicines are slow in curing illness.
  • Another reason is that some doctors have tie-ups with pharmacies.
  • Lastly, if doctors give generic medicine, then patients question and doubt them.

Earlier, not every pharmacy used to keep generic versions but after a government order, it is compulsory for an offline, and online generic medicines shop. The patient needs to be aware, and ask doctors to prescribe generic counterparts. To stop the false news and prove credibility, the government has taken steps. The Union Health Ministry has modified the laws, and stated: “to make bioequivalence studies compulsory for certain classes of generic drugs manufactured in India.” Along with the government, people also need to help and buy generic medicine online in India.

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Myths about generic medicine

Generic medicines are a copy of brand medicines as they are developed using the patented method. They both are equivalent in the aspect of active molecules, benefits, dosage, formation, and strength. Along these, the focus point is the low cost of generic medicines. However, the cost is the major reason that causes doubts. They are 40 to 60% cheaper than brand medicines and that gives a way to hesitations and myths. It is common to question the credibility, efficiency, and quality of something because of low prices but it can not be the same for everything. Rumours keep on moving from mouth to mouth and make baseless myths solid. Let’s have a look at some myths surrounding online generic medicines that stops you to buy generic medicine online in India.

  • Myth 1: Generic medicines are cheaper because they have bad quality.

To be available in the market for purchase, a generic medicine needs to be bioequivalent of its brand medicine. It means there is no way it can be compromised in dosage, effects, strength, or active ingredients than brand medicine. The reduced cost has nothing to do with the quality or effectiveness. As discussed earlier, the low price is because of no clinical tests, and other related things.

  • Myth 2: You can not switch from a brand medicine to a generic drug.

Wrong. When both medicines are bioequivalent and have the same effects on the body, then why can’t you switch between them? They are interchangeable. In times when a prescribed brand drug is not available, pharmacists give their generic version. It is recommended because they are good enough and have clinical benefits.

  • Myth 3: Generic medicine look different from brand medicine because they have different salts.

Generic medicines look different from brand-name drugs because companies are obliged to follow trademark laws. According to this, they can not copy the look of a medicine. A slight difference between both medicines is allowed that doesn’t tamper with the quality of generic medicine. They are allowed amidst the boundary set by the government.

  • Myth 4: Generic medicine is not safe to consume.

Just like the other, this one is also a prejudiced thought resulting in a myth. Because medicine is a copy of brand medicine, and is being provided at a cheaper price does not mean it is unsafe. The motto behind developing them is reducing the expense of healthcare. Generic medicine needs to follow strict guidelines and reach the safety benchmark of regulators to get selling approval. They are high in quality, effectiveness, and safety to buy generic medicine online in India.

  • Myth 5: Generic medicines are more prone to cause side effects.

A generic medicine is a replica of brand medicine that carries the same active salts, proving to have the same clinical benefits and effects. So, if you get side effects from a generic medicine, then you probably will get them from a brand drug too. However, there is a slim chance it may cause light side effects because of inactive salts, which are responsible for the preservation and taste of medicine. And that will occur because of that particular generic medicine. Not all of them have side effects.

  • Myth 6: Generic medicines are not approved by the government.

This myth is completely baseless and proves the ignorance of the people towards government programs. If they are not approved and is illegal to buy generic medicine online in India, then why was the PMBJP launched by the government? The government has been aggressively supporting these affordable drugs for years. Many national and state-level actions have been taken to promote online generic medicines.

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Indian scenario of generic medicine

India is known as the ‘pharmacy of the world’ as many countries import medicines to reach their demand. Over the past few years, the nation has created a strong base in the segments such as generic medicines, bulk drugs, vaccines, over-the-counter medicines, contract research & manufacturing, biosimilars, and biologics. The 2022 market of Indian generic medicines stood at USD 24.53 billion and is expected to grow at 6.97% CAGR in the forecast period. The drug market keeps on increasing with the arrival of new pharmaceutical companies. However, some big names dominate this industry including Sun Pharma, Cipla, Piramal, Glenmark, Torrent, Dr. Reddy’s, and Aurobindo.

The domestic pharmaceutical market stood at USD 42 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow three times in the coming decade, as per the Indian Economic Survey 2021. In August 2021. CARE revealed that India’s annual development rate will be 11% for the next two years. Reports said that the nation will likely reach USD 65 billion by 2024. The domestic market is steadily, and strongly growing.

Gradually, people are learning more about their generic counterparts and buy generic medicine online in India. The government is also promoting generic medicines with the schemes like Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana. Today, every state has a distributor of this scheme to provide medicines at an affordable price. Anyone can buy generic medicine online or offline.

With the increasing demand for generic medicines in other countries, India is encouraging the entry of new pharmaceutical manufacturers. The nation needs to fulfil with the demands of safety, quality, effectiveness, and reliable medicines. Also, with the short expiration gap, companies try to make generic medicine quickly because of competition. Overall, the Indian market of generic medicine is blooming, nationally, and internationally.

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Process for the approval of generic medicine in India

To sell generic medicine online or offline, manufacturers need to follow certain guidelines and get permitted by the government. The approval process can be done on the central, and state level. The approval authority is the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) which is headed by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI). The drugs are approved within 4 years of submitting the initial application. Any drug modified or sustained release is considered a new drug.

For entry into the market and offer to people to buy generic medicine online in India, the generic medicines must fulfil the criteria. Manufacturers should not even think to apply for approval without following these conditions.

  • It must have the same active salts as the original drug.
  • Has to be equivalent in dosage, strength, formation, effects, and administration route.
  • Usage and consumption indications should be the same.
  • Must be bioequivalent of a brand drug for interchangeable purposes.
  • Meet the batch requirement for safety, quality, purity, and identity.
  • Required to follow the same GMP guidelines as innovator products.

To seek approval from the Central Licensing Authority, all the conditions are a must to meet. The drugs are permitted under the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940 in India. The approval process is not as rigorous as a brand-name drug. But generic counterparts must reach the eligible criteria fixed for them. Failing in any category will lead to the rejection of the application. The stages involved in the new drug permit are –

  • Submit the application filled with all the requirements, and reports.
  • Then, it is given to CDCSO for review.
  • After that, it is thoroughly evaluated by the IND/ SCE committee.
  • Later, it is recommended to DCGI. If there is any query, then DCGI waits for the applicant’s answer. This needs to repeat the process from CDCSO reviewing.
  • Finally, it is decided to grant permission or reject the application.

Buy generic medicine online in India

After reading this far, you must be wondering where to buy generic medicines online in India. There are several stores but Liboc Davamart is the finest amongst them. There you can get quality generic medicine online at an affordable price. Personal, health and medical care products are also available there. Up on the reduced price, you can avail of several offers, and grab deals.


  • Do all the brand medicines have their generic version?

No, not every brand of medicine has a generic version yet. When a new brand drug is developed, it will be patented so, that other pharmaceutical manufacturers could not copy it. To get the generic version of it, the companies need to wait for the patent period to get over. When it comes to the public domain, the formulation is free.

  • Where to buy generic medicines online in India?

Numerous offline, and online generic medicines stores are available. One of them is Liboc Davamart, where you can buy generic medicine online in India at an affordable.

  • How does the government ensure the quality of generic medicine?

Before coming onto the market, all medicines are required to follow a rigid verification process. The concerned authority evaluates and reviews the medications before approving or rejecting them.